Parking Protection for Business


Protecting Your Staff and Customer Parking

Arriving at work to find unauthorised vehicles using your staff and customer car park is becoming an increasingly common problem. If you or your customers have found difficulty with parking, a solution is available.


The National Parking Enforcement Ltd 'Protected Parking System' is now available for your car park. The system is already in use at over 300 locations nationally with a 100% success rate.


How does it work?

We use a system called EPS (Effective Preventative Signage), and display official warning signs within the parking area. These extremely effective signs warn that parking without authorisation may lead to the driver of the vehicle facing enforcement action. Our non-confrontational protected parking system enables us to request the registered keeper's details from the DVLA and issue Parking Charge Notices.


All our clients can also access our state of the art back office ticket tracking software to view detailed information about any PCN issued on their property. Our Nationwide Network of fully uniformed Civil Enforcement Officers offers you a mobile patrol service.



What are the benefits?

Our system gives you the peace of mind that regardless of what time you arrive at your business, you are assured that your parking space will be available to you 24 hours a day. If your customers can't park, you are at risk of losing their business. Our systems are designed to restore your parking area to its original use and protect it for you and your customers.


What will it cost?

The protected parking system is paid for monthly, the cost is for the rental of the official warning signs and includes any call outs and randomly timed patrols of the private parking area. Prices start from £5 per month.


What do I do now?

To register your interest or to ask any questions please call our office and a member of our parking enforcement team will be happy to help.

Remember - these are your parking spaces.