Pay on Foot


Pay on Foot machinePay on Foot and Pay & Display car park revenue collection systems are now the two most commonly installed systems in UK car parks. National Parking Enforcement Ltd is regularly asked about the relative merits of the two systems and about the practicality of change from one to the other.


A driver entering a Pay on Foot controlled car park takes a machine readable ticket from a ticket dispenser in the entry lane and the traffic control barrier then opens to permit entry. The ticket allows the date, time and lane of entry to be identified.The driver parks, keeps the ticket and normally leaves the car park..When the driver returns to the car park, they locate a Paypoint and present the entry ticket.The parking fee due is automatically calculated at the Paypoint from data on the ticket and advised to the driver. Upon payment, the information on the ticket is modified and returned to the driver or a new exit ticket is issued.The driver returns to the car and drives it to the exit lane where the modified/new ticket is presented to the ticket reader, which verifies that payment has been made and then opens the traffic control barrier to allow exit.


paying car park machineRegular users may purchase a season ticket, which will operate the entry and exit barriers under strictly controlled circumstances — these users do not use the Paypoints.


An alternative feature, which is increasingly offered, is the ability to use a credit card for entry and exit — this obviates the need for a cash transaction at a Paypoint. The system times the interval between entry and exit, calculates the fee due and claims this from the credit card account.This may prove a little slower than the ticket option and timings should be checked where lane capacity is an issue.


At National Parking Enforcement Ltd we are always on hand to give you expert advice when considering a Pay on Foot option for your car park. We can provide the latest equipment available backed up by a service contract to suit. For more information about Pay on Foot parking solutions, equipment and machines please contact us.













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