Residential Communal Parking Protection


National Parking Enforcement Ltd offers unique and ethical Residential Packages

From a basic service that supplies the necessary Warning Signs, Residential Information Pack, and Parking Permits - to a fully automated state-of-the-art ANPR set up, we can design the perfect Parking Protection System for your residential developments.


We can solve issues that commonly arise in block-managed residential car parks, such as:
Blocked Bays

Residents who are allocated a secure or underground parking bay when purchasing or renting an apartment at block-managed developments occasionally suffer from other vehicles parked in their own bay; this is usually an innocent mistake made by a fellow resident rather than an unauthorised driver who has gained access to the parking area. At NPE, we work with the Managing Agent to overcome this issue in a non-confrontational way.


National Parking Enforcement Ltd provides residents with an immediate alternative parking space within the development should this situation arise. All the resident then needs to do is take a picture of the vehicle that is using their bay and either send by phone, email or upload to our website. Alternatively, our on-call Enforcement Officer can carry out this task for you. National Parking Enforcement Ltd can then request the registered keeper details from the DVLA and issue them with a Parking Charge Notice if appropriate. This approach enables both National Parking Enforcement Ltd and your Managing Agent to treat each case individually. For example, if it were a genuine mistake by a fellow resident, it would be treated differently from unauthorised use.




Bay Swapping

This is where a development has a visitor parking area and a resident has two cars, but only one allocated bay. On rotation, each vehicle appears in the bay whilst the other is parked in the visitor parking area. We can identify this practice using our software systems resulting in correct use of the developments parking facilities and maximising the use of visitor parking areas.


Permit Databases

Where a development has a number of short-term rental properties, issues often arise with permits not being issued by the property owner or estate agent, with this in mind National Parking Enforcement Ltd have created an online system which allows residents, Estate Agents and Managing Agents to submit vehicle details to a specific parking bay at a specific development. Over and above this, residents can also request duplicate or replacement permits online, should theirs become damaged or lost; this system enables us to track temporary permits and reduces misuse entirely.