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National Parking Enforcement Ltd PhotoParkSM

National Parking Enforcement Ltd Photo-park is the United Kingdom’s fastest growing and most successful scheme currently available; it is also the most cost effective and the easiest system we supply. Photo-Park will reduce unauthorised parking by up to 80% just by displaying the signage alone.

This simple scheme is totally non-confrontational and is widely used around Wembley Stadium with remarkable feedback from our clients. Photo-Park users can also be found in another 120 locations nationwide and the simplicity and success of this system is due to NPE’s unique back office software.

It really is as simple as displaying the signs, taking an image of an unauthorised vehicle and sending it to us. Within a matter of minutes you will be able to see details of what progress National Parking Enforcement Ltd are making with your Parking Charge Notice (PCN).

As soon as the PCN is logged we will automatically request the Registered Keeper details from the DVLA and, upon a successful request, we issue a Postal Notice To Owner, and shortly afterwards the Registered Keeper will receive this PCN. While you can track the images and progress of each image and PCN produced, you will not be able to see details of the Registered Keeper due to Data Protection legislation.

Our royalty payments for Photo-Park are the highest in the UK and our team provide you with all the necessary telephone support you may require.

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Please be aware that images sent to us for processing are only accepted from a verified email address and from nominated members and clients. We may require further information from the sender to ensure the validity of any Photopark request and reserve the right to not process any Postal Parking Charge Notices where data from the DVLA may need to be requested. National Parking Enforcement Ltd will only request data from the DVLA if we are confident that we have reasonable cause to do so and that the sender of images is authorised by the Landowner or Managing Agent.

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National Parking Enforcement Ltd CCTV PCNSM

Using our state of the art Professional Surveillance System, with Pan Tilt and Zoom Remote Camera Technology, National Parking Enforcement Ltd currently accesses over 50 cameras nationally utilising the 3G and 4G network and Internet. This system provides our clients with a totally non-confrontational method of Parking Charge Notices (PCN) issue, and is proving to be one of our most favoured services.

Depending on the size of your parking facility, and scale of your problem, it is often the case that the equipment can be installed at no cost to you, the client.

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