Manual Number Plate Recognition (MNPR)

MNPR (CCTV) Monitored Surveillance Systems

MNPR is our unique, multi-tasking, parking and security system. The cameras are connected by Fibre Optic communications and viewed from a purpose built studio.  

Whilst ANPR has its advantages in relation to periods of maximum stay and for linking to the on-site pay and display machine, it cannot be utilised for any other purpose. Therefore, we also provide MNPR (CCTV) monitored surveillance systems.  

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Tracking and tracing vehicular movements in any car park

Our professional team of operatives are all Security Industry Authority licensed for Public Space CCTV Surveillance, we can track and trace vehicular movements within any car park. We can ensure that the drivers of vehicles using the parking bays are doing so within the advertised Terms and Conditions provided upon the warning signage, and that they have paid to park, not exceeded the period paid for or exceeded the agreed grace periods. 

A host of security related advantages

MNPR combined with parking management will help with the prevention and detection of the following in residential and commercial areas:

  • Crime 
  • Anti-social behaviour 
  • Fly-tipping 

It also gives the ability to:

  • Detect emergency or essential repairs 
  • Supply local Police Forces with evidential footage
  • Supply insurance companies with evidential footage
  • Direct emergency services to the scene of an incident 
  • Supply residents and business owners with the piece of mind we are monitoring the area

An expandable system

MNPR can manage and protect areas where ANPR does not, these include:

  • Parent & Child bays 
  • Disabled Parking bays 
  • No-stopping areas 
  • No waiting areas 
  • Crossed hatched areas 
  • No parking areas 
  • Double yellow lines 
  • Loading bays 
  • Verges 

The beauty of this system is that it is expandable. We can also monitor entrances, exits, bin store/cycle store areas and communal areas from one system. All of these strategically placed high definition cameras are monitored in real time, generally from 7am – 10pm but the service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are trained to respond to incidents by using a severity scale and can even make announcements via cameras fitted with speaker systems. 

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