Residential Parking Management and Security

Combining a protected parking system with security for your development

Residential car park

Drivers using your development whilst not being authorised to do so take up valuable parking spaces, causing residents and tenants undue worry and stress. 

Our combined protected parking and security system will help you to:

  • Make residents feel safe
  • Reassure residents that their parking area will be available when they arrive home
  • Allow residents not to display a parking permit
  • Identify tradesmen, care workers and visitors

We have the ideal service, a service which is rapidly growing in both the commercial and residential sector. Quite simply, we watch! 

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Active CCTV monitoring

We actively watch your residential parking area in real time. Our licensed CCTV operators are able to track and trace driver and passenger movements as soon as the vehicle parks in your residents' car park.

Essentially, if a driver or passengers do not enter one of the developments' properties we monitor their movements. If they leave the vehicle in your residential car park, and walk off site, the vehicle is monitored.

We understand that visitors may park, visit a nearby business or cash machine for a short period and return as an official visitor and we take this in to account. This method has proven to be the most effective way of protecting your developments and reducing complaints by genuine visitors, care workers and tradesmen.

It's easy, user friendly and also provides a unique service which has been welcomed by all of our clients.

Book The Bay

Book The Bay is a system which provides electronic permits for residential and commercial drivers. It's simple and easy to use for housing associations, management companies and tenants alike. Advantages of the system include:

  • Ownership of applying and maintaining permits is put back to the tenant, resident or staff member
  • Administration costs and time are heavily reduced
  • Permits cannot get lost, copied, stolen or sold
  • Permits can be immediately added, edited or cancelled
  • Payments are collected on behalf of the housing association or management company

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One straightforward solution

We have been successfully protecting residential parking areas across the UK for a number of well known Housing Associations and Management Companies for a decade. All of our clients want one straightforward solution, that is, for us to protect the parking areas from use by non-residents.

Other providers have suggested mobile patrols of the parking areas. This is a service we provide and it does have its advantages, although visits can be very infrequent as the officer cannot be at multiple developments all of the time. 

Some providers have recommended ANPR cameras. This solution is less than user friendly, as each resident, visitor, taxi, delivery driver or contractor has to remember to enter or provide a registration number on arrival. Our experience has proved that this simply does not happen. We have established that around 30% of drivers fail to correctly enter the vehicle registration number online, and residents simply forget to do so. All this achieves is a high ratio of tickets being incorrectly issued which in turn alienates your residents and eventually damages your relationships with them.

Not just a car park management company

We are not just a car park management company; we are also a security company who monitors areas to detect and reduce:

  • Criminal activity in your car park 
  • Anti-social behaviour in your car park 
  • Fly tipping 

By watching your residential car park live we also protect you, your residents, tenants and their official visitors. All our footage is stored on our servers for around 3 weeks, meaning that should there be an incident, damage to your property or theft we will be able to provide the police and insurance companies with this vital information. If we witness anything which we consider to be a threat to an individual or property whilst monitoring live we immediately report this to management company or housing association and if necessary, to the police.  

We know this system works, we know the advantages it provides, we know it provides additional benefits, we know because, We Watch. 

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