Please do not pay the charge if you are going to appeal, as payment is accepted as full and final settlement and once paid an appeal will not be considered.

If you wish to appeal against a Parking Charge Notice you will need to submit your case in writing to National Parking Enforcement Ltd within 28 days from the date of issue. All correspondence must include your name, full postal address including postcode, PCN reference number, and your Vehicle Registration Number.

You must supply evidence as to why you were parked in contravention of the parking terms and conditions as displayed on the warning signs erected on the land. The decision to accept or reject an appeal is based on the evidence supplied. It is important you supply all the evidence to support your appeal. National Parking Enforcement Ltd will not enter into multiple appeal processes. 

All Parking Charge cases are placed on hold upon receipt of a written appeal. Any driver appealing against a parking charge notice within 14 days from the date of issue will be given the opportunity to provide payment at the reduced amount in the event that their appeal is rejected. You should be aware that any driver lodging an appeal later than 14 days from the date of issue will be liable for the full amount in the event that their appeal is unsuccessful.

Make an online appeal

You will be taken to a new window.

Please ensure that your appeals submission is filled out correctly!

If your online appeals process is submitted correctly then you should receive an automated confirmation email.

If you do not receive a confirmation email then you may have entered your details incorrectly and we recommend that you enter it again, taking care to ensure that all details, including your email address are correct.

The decision about your appeal will be sent to you by email within 28 days, so please ensure that you can receive emails from

You can also make an appeal via email or post



The Appeals Team,
National Parking Enforcement Ltd,
PO Box 3710,

Telephone: NPE cannot deal with appeals by telephone.

How is your appeal considered?

Our Appeals Co-ordinators consider all of the evidence you have supplied to NPE.

If your appeal is allowed, NPE will cancel the parking charge. If your appeal is refused, NPE will write and inform you of the decision, and you will then need to make payment as soon as possible to avoid NPE taking steps to recover the payment from you. Refusal letters will include information on how to appeal via the Independent Appeals Service (IAS), information on this service can be viewed here:

NPE makes no charge for submitting an appeal.