Book The Bay

Protecting residential and commercial parking  

Finding unauthorised cars parked in your space is frustrating. Electronic permit payment system, Book the Bay, puts an end to this. All vehicle owners need to do is register online and purchase a permit for parking. By using state of the art security cameras and software to monitor vehicles on-site it offers residentsproperty managing agents and business owners peace of mind when it comes to their parking provision.  

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Book the Bay is already in use across several UK managed housing developments. It provides an easy way for residents to purchase and renew car parking permits as well as allowing managing agents to quickly view driver and vehicle data.  

Benefits for residents: 

  • Never lose a paper permit again – Book the Bay provides an environmentally friendly, electronic permit instead 
  • No risk of stolen, damaged or defaced paper permits 
  • Quick user registration and purchasing process – no need to print and post paper application forms 
  • Email reminders for when permits are due to expire 
  • Non-intrusive authorisation – we check the validity of vehicles on-site via our camera and software system 
  • Extra protection if you own your own bay – purchasing a permit with Book the Bay means that we can identify unauthorised vehicles mis-using your bay 

Benefits for managing agents: 

  • Gives responsibility back to residents to manage their own parking provision 
  • Access to driver and vehicle data to monitor authorised users  
  • Peace of mind that residents registered on the system are legitimate – we review driver applications before they are authorised to purchase an electronic permit 

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